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male voiceover talent for walmart
commercial narrator for petsmart
male voice over talent for intel
male voice artist for dish network commercials
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male voice actor for amazon
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Marriott internal video male voice over talent


More voice over demos from Jason:

Jason McCoy is a full-time male voice over talent with over 20 years of experience

Amazing projects with incredible clients....

Jason Gracia used Jason McCoy's voiceover

"...his skill was incredible."

Jason Gracia
The Six-Figure Expert

Episode 11 Studios hired male voice over talent Jason McCoy

"...super-fast turnaround..."

Beth Sowell
Episode 11 Studios

Sugarshack Animation uses Jason's voice for commercial scripts

"A true pleasure to work with!"

Dejda Mishkovsky
Sugarshack Animation

When Northrop Grumman needed voiceover, they hired Jason McCoy

"...our project was a total success!"

Debbie Foster
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Larine Baratta need a male voice over talent and chose Jason McCoy

"Perfect every time."

Larine V. Baratta
The Big Playhouse

Thank you very much! The client loved your voiceover! Looking forward to working with you again.
Jason was great to work with on our voiceover project. He gave us exactly what we needed from his voice work.
Great experience working with Jason. He's a top notch voiceover professional and the perfect voice for our job!
Jason McCoy was fantastic to work with! He was able to turn my request around very quickly and did a great job with pronunciation of some unusual names! An all-around joy to work with!
Jason is great to work with! Professional with a quick turnaround. Our client had no changes to the voice over and the process went perfect!


male voice over talent jason mccoy


Jason McCoy is a male voice over talent with over 20 years of experience in the voice over industry.

He has worked on projects for global brands like Ford, Walmart, and Samsung, and his voice has been featured in TV and radio commercials, corporate videos, and narration work.

Jason's strong vocal performance and engaging style make him an ideal choice for any voice over project.

His voice over has been described as warm, conversational, friendly, and authentic.

Jason uses a Neumann TLM 103 microphone, Universal Audio Apollo Twin X audio interface, Adobe Audition, and his voice over recording studio is treated with Auralex acoustical foam.


Jason McCoy is flexible to work with on your voice-over project in any way you prefer.

Here's a quick breakdown on how the voice-over hiring, recording and delivery process typically goes. And all this usually happens within a day (depending on the script length):

1. Submit your script below.

2. You'll receive a quick response with a custom audition sample and rate.

3. If you approve, your full script will be reviewed and any questions regarding uncommon names or pronunciation will be confirmed.

4. Your script will then be recorded. Most scripts are recorded solo, but you can also listen in and direct Jason in a live session via Skype, Zoom or Source-Connect, if you prefer.

5. Once the script has been recorded, you'll receive a Dropbox download link of your wav, mp3 or aif file.

6. After the voice-over has been delivered, you'll receive an invoice (typically due within 30-days) which can be paid using check, credit card or PayPal.


Send Jason your commercial script that calls for a male voice over talent and get a custom sample back fast. Be sure to include details you've got in mind, like direction, voice tone, style, pacing, which commercial demo voice over sample (from above) is closest to what you're looking for and anything else to help get you the perfect read for your commercial.

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