About Jason McCoy and McCoy Productions

Jason McCoy

Founded by award winning voice talent Jason McCoy, McCoy Productions began providing voice over and radio imaging production services in 1999.

Jason credits an interest in radio from a young age as the source of his fascination with voice over. By the age of 17, Jason interned at a radio station to get experience and instantly fell head over heels for the production room, playing around with sound effects, writing liners, and on one fateful day, played them for the Program Director (PD). Within a year, he was made full time Production Director and became responsible for the 7pm-midnight air shift. Two years later, he was promoted to Program Director.

Although his role as Program Director lead him further up the ladder at the station, the creative production work and freedom that he enjoyed earlier eluded him, particularly the opportunity to do voice overs.

Not to be discouraged, Jason began building a studio and left the local radio station in order to get back to what he loved: Voice over.

What started as just radio station imaging turned into a cornucopia of opportunity including voice over work such as on hold phone messaging, commercials, audiobooks, e-learning, explainer videos, narration, training modules and much more.