Step-by-Step Guide to Explainer Video Production

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is an extremely popular and very successful online marketing tool; a video on your website, typically between 60-90 seconds long, that showcases your products and services to potential customers.

So why are explainer videos so popular?

With the sheer information overload that consumers are bombarded with each and every day it’s no wonder that attention spans are getting shorter, so a successful explainer video production is the perfect way to …

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How to Find Free Music for Videos

If you’re embarking on a video project, perhaps an explainer video, podcast, school project or video presentation, using the right production music can be the key to successfully drawing your viewers in; but finding the perfect song to use beneath a voice over actor‘s recording can seem a daunting task.

Of course you could commission a track to be composed especially for you, but that can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there …

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Auralex Studio Foam For Voice Over Studio

Maryland is a great place to live!

It’s got everything – beaches, parks and mountains.  It only takes a few hours to get to DC and Philly.  And with just a 5 hour drive you can go to New York City for an extended weekend.

My voice over studio is located on the beautiful eastern shore of Maryland.

Which just happens to be a perfect place for a voice over talent to have …

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Top 10 On Hold Message Mistakes to Avoid

When someone calls your business they get an instant impression as soon as the phone is answered.

The caller’s initial impression may be based on how friendly and accommodating the live operator sounds, or if answered by an automatic phone greeting system then the impression comes from the system’s professionalism and ease of use.

All businesses who either use IVR (interactive voice response) phone prompts (ie. “Press 1 to speak to customer service, press 2…”) or a live operator …

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Live Directed Voice Over Sessions via IPDTL, Source-Connect and Skype

I love being able to work from my voice over studio and still connect with clients remotely around the world.

Not only is it great to speak with a client, but the client is able to listen in real time, make script adjustments and give much appreciated insight. All of which helps to reduce the need for re-takes and saves a lot of time. Something as simple as adding a comma can change the whole …

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3 Most Common Voice Over File Types

The audio editing software (Adobe Audition CS6) in my voice over studio enables me to save voice over and production files in almost any known audio file format.

Today I’m going to talk about the most commonly used file formats for voice over production and explain where each is most appropriate.

When a new client comes to me with a voice over script, one of the first questions I ask before stepping …

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